What differentiates effective access control platform from failed systems, unable to achieve physical security and operational goals? Many factors contribute to the success of an access control system. Here are features to look for when selecting a physical security platform that will enable a preemptive security plan:

  • Remotely manage and administer the solution via web-browser or mobile application, issue or revoke access rights for the mobile credential from anywhere, with any device.
  • Integrates with other tools like human resources, membership and facility management software via API
  • 3rd party hardware compatible so that you can choose the right products that better fits your business needs, like cameras, door hardware, readers and routers
  • Unlimited scalability as your company grows, and the needs of the business evolve, you need to be able to quickly adapt alongside your facilities. if you need to add new locations you are not limited to a number of users, doors or locations
  • User defined alerts delivered via text message and email for critical events, so you get notifications on unusual and suspicious activities
  • Generate reports so you can make decisions based on data and prepare for security audits
  • Cloud storage for access and video events so that your data is never compromised and always available
  • Automatic firmware and software updates so that you don’t require dedicated IT staff to manage it
  • Cyber secure so that hackers can’t use your access control system as a proxy to get into your network

A great access control solution helps you deploy and manage consistent processes simply. The solution you look for should be intuitive, automated, customizable, scalable, mobile, and secure. These features ensure operational efficiency, minimal IT involvement, and maximum control.

Download Brivo’s Ideal Access Control Infographic.