Brivo’s Mobile Pass is a credential system that replaces traditional cards and door readers with your mobile phone. It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!  

  1. Employees download the Brivo app.
  2. Using the app, employees press a button to unlock any door they’re allowed to access.
  3. The app communicates to a database (stored in the cloud), which sends an encrypted signal to the door controller, opening the door.

These mobile credentials can be managed through your management hub, so you can register and cancel any employee’s credentials at anytime.

The Mobile Pass is Brivo’s main product, but you can integrate other security measures, such as cameras and biometrics as well! In addition to Brivo’s door locks, you can integrate traditional door readers and credentials from other companies as well. Aaron’s Lock Service can determine if you have compatible hardware in place, to ensure an easy swap over to Brivo. Brivo also works with Eagle Eye Networks a cloud video system that can be integrated with new or already in place surveillance systems.

Brivo’s interface operates primarily over the cloud, allowing you to access your system from ANY web browser or smart device connected to the internet. With your access control system, you receive an unlimited event history, and if you also install Eagle Eye you can review footage of specific events going back one year, they also offer an on-site server that stores 10 million events. Allowing you to have complete access from the palm of your hand. If someone needs access to your business on the weekend, you can view a live video feed to confirm it’s them, then unlock the door and continue monitoring them, all on your phone from your couch if you prefer!

Brivo’s access control can be installed for as many doors as you want! It can handle an unlimited number of users and doors. Brivo is an easy system to install, but no need for you to worry we have trained specialists in the installation of Brivo and Eagle Eye. We would be happy to conduct a free site survey of your business or home! Aaron’s Lock Service, Your World Safer.