The Key to Your Peace of Mind

Technology never stops progressing. In today’s day and age it is so easy to get lost when trying to choose the best quality for the best price. Many manufactures have sacrificed quality in order to meet a certain price point. When it comes to securing the things you value most it is important to weigh your options. Securing your newly purchased waterfront villa with a $10 lock and key solution… Not the best idea. Physical burglar attacks will not be stopped by a cheaply made lock, putting your family and your valuables at risk. We all know that buildings and properties are not cheap, the hardware on them shouldn’t be either.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny… NO.

When it comes to choosing what is right for you do not just choose what “looks” right, or sounds good on paper. Research your options. When it comes to securing perimeters and doors, quality products, trump cheap cost products 100% of the time. Here at Aaron’s Lock and Security we are happy to have done the research for you, to help you make the right decision when it comes to making your world safer. Here are some solutions that put ease in your decision.

High Security Keys

Aaron’s Lock and Security proudly partners with Medeco, who just recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary, is one of the top providers of high security keys in the market! Now, what exactly is a high security key you ask? It all depends on what level of security is needed, from unauthorized duplication to protection from a physical attack, Medeco offers a range of affordable options whether it is for your home or business. Physical keys and cylinders made with quality materials, proudly manufactured in America.

Cloud Based Access Control

If having 100 keys on a key ring isn’t your thing, Access Control by Brivo would be an exceptional choice. Tech lovers and newbies will find ease and convenience when using Brivo. Mobile applications give you control in the palm of your hand,if your employee was locked out of the building, you could open with the touch of your screen, whether you are a mile away or in Moscow, that door will open instantly. User friendly and unbelievably smart!  

Aaron’s Lock and Security is here for you when it comes to making your world safer, the key to your peace of mind.