In today’s day and age it seems that everything has to do with the cloud. No more floppy discs, USB drives, or lost files. The cloud gives you a feeling of reassurance, that the things you are saving are always safe, which is why at Aaron’s Lock & Security, we love the cloud! Brivo and Eagle Eye are two of the products we offer that are cloud based access control and surveillance software.

First, let’s talk more about Brivo. Brivo is a cloud based access control system that allows you to be completely in control of your security, from anywhere you want. Gulf Shores to Guatemala, complete control in the palm of your hand and in the cloud! Give access and take it away in seconds, the convenience of the cloud allows all of your devices to connect and communicate in real time. Also allowing you to change credentials faster than you can say “I love the Cloud!” Aaron’s Lock & Security specializes in the installation and support of Brivo, Simply Better Security.

Moving on to Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye Networks is a cloud based surveillance software, which in a lot of cases can be used with your current video system. No more big bulky digital recorders holding on to hours of useless video. That’s right, Eagle Eye uses the cloud too! System functions that allow you to create zones and time slots where you can be notified when something isn’t EXACTLY how you set it to be. Aaron’s Lock & Security has a team of licensed and talented locksmiths, who are constantly keeping up on new products and specialties. Here is the cherry on top of a nearly perfect sundae… Eagle Eye and Brivo are completely compatible with each other. Control every aspect of your security using the cloud, and Aaron’s Lock & Security.

Everyday technology progresses keeping Aaron’s Lock & Security locksmiths on their toes! Licensed, certified and trained in locksmith services in and out. From a basic car lock out to customizing a security plan for your home or business. Aaron’s Lock & Security is here to help make Your World Safer.