Moving to college for the first time is an exciting milestone in a young person’s life. But while dorm living offers many benefits, it doesn’t leave you with much privacy. If you’re packing items of value or sensitive documents, you might be interested in purchasing a safe with a keyless lock. Below are just a few of the ways they can help protect you from theft during your college years.

3 Benefits of Safes for College Students

1. Store Jewelry & Valuables

If you brought valuable jewelry or other items with you to college, keep them stored in a safe unless you plan on wearing or using them. These items can easily be pawned off for cash, leaving you with no way to track them down. Your drawers or a jewelry box will be the first place a person checks if they plan to steal from you. 

2. Keep Items Safe Until You Develop Trust With Roommate

Unless you already have a history or relationship with your college roommate, it’s best to keep your valuable items safe until you get to know them. While a first impression may say a lot, this isn’t always enough to build a foundation of trust with the other person. They should respect your boundaries and ask for permission before using any of your belongings. 

3. Protect Personal Information

Sensitive documents such as your passport, bank account number, and social security should always be kept in a keyless lock safe. If someone else has access to these personal details, this could put you at risk of identity fraud. Check the combination on a routine basis for any signs of tampering.