Video Surveillance- Why is it Important?

Video surveillance is important in the workplace because it protects both the company and its employees. In 2010 an average of 10 cameras were installed in commercial settings, and the average total cost was $13,280, according to the Security Sales and Integration website. The importance of video cameras in the workplace initially outweigh the cost. In 2019 the technology is at its best and it just keeps getting better! Luckily, with surveillance systems growing demand the prices have dropped.

Protect Your Business

Install video surveillance inside and outside of your business to record wrong-doers who vandalize or steal company property. The video images and recorded data will ensure the police have enough data to apprehend criminals, ideally making the investigation more prompt. These cameras will also record acts of employee theft and dishonesty. Some of the time surveillance systems can even act as a deterrent to would be criminals and corrupt employees.

Protect Your Employees

Video surveillance protect employees both directly and indirectly. Set up cameras in the parking lot and outside the building to record criminal activity, these cameras could also help ensure the safety of your employees from carjackers and thieves lurking around your business. Cameras could also help record instances of employee abuse or harassment towards customers and other employees, which could be used as evidence against the antagonist. Indirectly helping employees by monitoring each visitor keeping records of suspicious activity.  


Managers and supervisors can use video surveillance to monitor employee productivity and pin point job performance areas for improvement. It also ensures and helps to monitor employees and make sure safety guidelines and rules are being followed. Employees, managers and personnel cannot be everywhere at one time, a surveillance system monitors productivity without hiring additional help.  

At the end of the day the most important thing is keeping your business and every aspect of it safe. At Aaron’s Lock & Security we strive for safety in the workplace, for a free site survey for your businesses surveillance system, give Aaron’s a call and make Your World Safer.