Residential and Commercial Alarm Systems

Aaron’s Lock & Security is the company to call when you want to equip your home or business with the best security system available. Our experts have the latest tools at their disposal and develop comprehensive systems that account for every potential security vulnerability of your home. 

Every home and business is different, so a security system that works well for one may not be right for another. If you don’t have pets you may want regular motion detectors. Homes with pets may need specialized pet immune sensors. If you are worried about having motion detectors you can stick to glass breaking detectors and sensors on doors and windows. 

Modern systems also feature a lot of smart capabilities that can be integrated with video surveillance hardware and other features so you can monitor your home wherever you are. Forget to turn on your system before you left for work this morning? No problem – you can arm it from anywhere. 

If you forget your house cleaners are scheduled and you turned on your system before work, you can disarm it remotely before they arrive. There are many features we can integrate into your system to ensure it’s the right fit for you. 

Ensure kids are home safe
Lock up even after you leave
Locks and Garage Door for home
Touchless Video Doorbell
Video Monitoring
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